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Spanish Food Culture

Spanish food has popular dishes like Tapas, Paella, Tortilla Espanola, Sangria... but the Spanish cuisine is much more! Food in Spain is the result of a great variety of cooking cultures that have been living together in Spain as well as the different climates and ways of life of each region.

Popular Foods



Spanish olives

Spanish Olives

Pan tumaca

Pan Tumaca

Canarian mojo

Canarian Mojo

Chorizo sausage

Chorizo Sausage

Salmorejo soup

Salmorejo Soup

The Mediterranean Diet

Spain is one of the leading exponents of the Mediterranean diet, which is based on olive oil, fresh vegetables, and other fresh seasonal food. This healthy, flavourful tradition has earned Spanish cuisine UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. Another feature of the Mediterranean diet is that every meal can be a social occasion. Going out for tapas is a great way to try it out for yourself.

Breakfast In Spain

Spanish breakfast is usually a small meal, often pairing an espresso or café con leche with a pastry or simple toast with tomato or butter and jam. If you’re a bit hungrier, you can also opt for a slice of Spanish tortilla or a savory sandwich. Or indulge in churros con chocolate: one of the all-time favorite Spanish breakfast foods.

Cooking Methods

Cocido, olla, guiso, estofado, or escudella are the Spanish terms for stew. This is one dish that could be called characteristic of Spain, although each region has its own version. The Spanish do not only stew, they roast, fry, and sauté many foods. It is not as common to bake or broil, although they do grill meats on a metal plate or a charcoal grill.

Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas are small appetisers like canapés or finger food and may be warm or cold dishes. Although tapas vary greatly from region to region and season to season, there is one thing that remains the same: tapas time is about bar-hopping sharing food with friends!

It’s common for friends to have a regular circuit by meeting up at their favorite bars. In fact, the Spanish love tapas so much that they made a verb out of it. So, the phrase “Vamos a tapear!” means “Let’s go eat tapas!”

Other Cultures

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